Esports betting

Many users consider computer games their own hobby. The industry is developing, there are new projects for the most demanding tastes. Previously, single-player games were popular, but now it takes a lot of effort to surprise gamers. Multiplayer games have become the optimal solution. Players compete not with artificial intelligence, but with strong opponents on the “other side of the monitor”. Tournaments between gamers are regularly held, which means that bookmakers offer customers to bet on eSports.

Tips for beginners

Bookmakers have started offering eSports betting online relatively recently. This fact could have a negative impact on the development of the discipline, but the most famous games that are universally popular are presented in bookmakers. Take the time to learn the ins and outs of games if you don’t play them yourself. It will be useful to communicate with experienced gamers who will share secrets and nuances. In most gaming communities, contestants and fans have information about each other. Such information rarely goes beyond the “close circle”, but it is extremely useful for betting on upcoming events.

Physical characteristics (strength, agility, endurance) are not considered a priority. Before betting on eSports, you should pay attention to the performance statistics of a gamer (team). Participants strive to perform consistently, but their emotional state can change. Illness, depressed mood, overstrain significantly reduce the reaction, which leads to an unpredictable outcome or an offensive defeat. Experienced gamers are aware of the features of games, have come a long way, improved their skills, but the speed of action decreases with age.

The best eSports betting lines online at the following bookmakers

  1. 1xBet
  2. GGbet
  3. 1win
  5. Melbet
  6. BetBoom
  7. William Hill
  8. Betcity
  9. Sbobet
  11. EGB

If the bettor figured out how to bet on eSports, you can go directly to the bookmaker.

Bookmaker analysts try to accurately determine the favorite, so the odds on the leaders are not attractive enough.

It is possible to bet on eSports based on the information received about the shape of the competitors and knowledge about the features of the game. Study the rules of the bookmaker in the field of betting so that the “cons” do not come as a surprise.

The bookmaker sets the odds based on previous performances, so the odds may not correspond to reality. Before placing a bet on esports, think about how motivated the team is, and are there any prestigious championships expected?

Types of bets

Most bookmakers offer bets on World of tanks, Dota, StarCraft, CS GO and others. Among all the variety, the bettor chooses the most interesting confrontations:

  • Victory. Basically, you need to decide on the winner of a particular fight or tournament.
  • Handicap. Place a bet on eSports, taking into account the minus or plus odds for the competitors.
  • Total. The total number of “kills” made during the fight.
  • Map result. Determine the successful team on the installed map.
  • Pass. The bettor determines which of the gamers will advance to the next round of competitions or take a higher position in the ranking.


If computer games are considered your hobby, then you can make money on it. It is not necessary to participate in tournaments on your own and spend a significant part of the day honing your skills. It is possible to bet on the participants of the competition, earning on competent forecasts. Betting on esports online brings a lot of emotions when watching confrontations and helps to increase the budget of bettors.

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